Generations of Experience

The Woodall family has farmed for five generations, and still farms today. So we live and understand the business of grain marketing, and take an interest in every bushel you sell.

We Are Personal

Woodall Grain Company was established in 2005 by fifth-generation farmers. We prefer one-on-one consultation with customers that involves a handshake, not just an email or phone call.

We Are Trustworthy

Woodall fosters a trustworthy and loyal relationship atmosphere that not only attracts, but retains, farm customers. We offer many of the same services as larger, national companies but maintain a small company feel.

We Are Professional

We help you plan your marketing strategy within the risk limit most comfortable for you. Our profit-based marketing approach includes setting reasonable price targets using various sales options, followed by fast payment.

We Are Flexible

Woodall elevators currently are located in Decherd, Fayetteville, Elora and Manchester, TN, offering ease of delivery and fast unloading to get you back into the field quickly. But you don’t have to use one of our elevators. You can deliver to any location and take advantage of Woodall’s “Farmer Direct” delivery points and on-farm pickup services.

Our business serves to grow yours (931) 968-1070

Our Locations